Essential Garden Tools for the Beginners and Their Uses

It is easy to go overboard when looking forward to purchasing gardening tools. Not only do they take up a lot of space but also cost a lot of money. For any gardener, especially the beginner it is imperative to understand the different types of home and garden tools from NGC and their uses. Staying focused on the basics can help one keep their storage area from becoming overcrowded. This article complies with some essential gardening tools to get a person going on any garden project he or she has in the mind.


While gardening can become a wonderful hobby, without the right pair of gloves it can quickly turn into a thorny and splintery hassle. When buying gloves for gardening or household activities, these should be durable but not too bulky, especially when working with the seeds or transplanting seedlings. The fabric of the gloves must be water-resistant but also breathable so that hands are kept cool and comfortable. Gloves with longer cuffs are ideal for protecting the wrists and forearms from scratches and also keep soil from getting in.

Hand Trowel

A hand trowel is basically used to dig plant holes and transplant seedlings. In addition to this, the tool can also be used to extract unwanted weeds from a particular area. This gardening tool is equipped with a pointed metal or plastic blade fixed to a plastic or wooden handle and can be used in different ways, for long-lasting home and garden tools from NGC, it is recommended to buy the hand trowels with a stainless blade.


These short-handled square shovels are garden workhorses that make it easy to dig holes for the plants, lifting sods, edging, and moving small mounds of dirt from one area to the other. Although this particular tool is on the costly side, a good spade can last longer for the rest of the gardening life. A spade with stainless steel heads is much stronger and wouldn’t rust easily. Also, treads on the top of the blade give it a sturdier and more comfortable foot surface when an extra push is needed.

Garden Fork

Garden forks are efficient garden tools for turning soil and can also dig into dense soil better than a spade. Forks with a slight curve to the spines are useful when it comes to scooping mulch or turning compost into piles. Spades with straight tines are much better for digging, and also great for compacted, clay, or rocky soil.


A cutting tool, loppers are long-handled pruners that are used for trimming hard-to-reach areas and cutting thicker branches. The long handles of the loppers provide the leverage it takes for cutting through the branches up to an inch or more in diameter.


By investing in the high-quality home and garden tools from NGC the shed of a gardener will house everything that is required to keep a garden beautiful and growing. Without using the above-listed tools the gardening activity tends to become tedious rather than enjoyable.

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