Five Things to Know About Purchasing the Water Heater Filter

A water heater is an appliance that takes water from the water supply pipe, heats the water, and then pumps it out for several uses. The water drawn by the water heater from the taps is loaded with many impurities which can not only affect the functioning of the water heater but also faucets, showerheads, pipes, and general plumbing in the house. To protect plumbing connections and water-using appliances, it is important to install a hot water heater filter. This article talks about 5 things that one must know when purchasing the water heater filter.


What is a water heater filter?


The main function of a water heater filter is to protect the water heater. Unfiltered water contains minerals and particulate matter such as sediments, rust, or dirt which clogs the water heater and further reduces its efficiency. It is the hot water heater filter that removes the particulate matter stopping the minerals that cause corrosion and scaling from attaching to surfaces. 


The water heater filter working


Water is treated by the water heater filter before it enters the water heater. Raw water is received by the filter from the main water supply source. When water flows through the filter it mixes with the components present inside the filter and picks up some media that crystallizes the minerals. The minerals are dissolved in the filter and flow out in the new form without getting settled on the tank or orifices. 


Durability and maintenance of the water heater filter


The lifespan of a water heater filter depends on the amount of hot water used in the house and also the purity level of the water. A water heater filter requires maintenance procedures from time to time to perform efficiently. Cleaning the air filter of dust, replacing the cartridges, regular flushing the tank, and cleaning the inlets and outlets of debris are some things that one can do to improve or maintain the efficiency of water heater filters.


Qualities of a good water heater filter


A qualitative water heater filter is the one with a robust body. The most recommended housing material by the manufacturers is stainless steel as it endures the corrosive materials found in the raw water. The stainless steel compared to the plastic is much more durable and less likely to burst. Plastic filters should be avoided as they are easily breakable and prone to leaks. 


Things to consider before selecting a water heater filter


There are different types of water heater filters available in the market, which are capable of cleaning some types of impurities while skipping the others. Also, do check if the filtration rate of the particular water heater filter corresponds to the daily consumption volume. 




When thinking of buying a hot water heater filter, apart from the above-mentioned considerations, it is wise to get the currently installed water heater laboratory tested as test results provide an analysis of the containments present in the raw water which further helps in selecting the right filter. 

Professional water heater installers swiftly replaced the old unit, ensuring efficient installation and peace of mind for homeowners.

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