Protecting Your Home’s Exterior Paint in Lafayette, LA: 6 Tips

Lafayette is a beautiful city located in the southern state of Louisiana. Situated along the Vermilion River, Lafayette is also the parish seat of Lafayette Parish– making it the most populous city in the area. With its lush vegetation and vibrant colors, it is no surprise that many homeowners in Lafayette take special care to protect their homes’ exterior paint jobs.

With the help of reliable and skilled painting contractors in Lafayette, LA, you can be sure that your home’s exterior paint will be protected from the elements and will last many years. Here are six tips on how you can protect your home’s exterior paint:

  1. Pressure Wash Annually – Pressure washing your home once a year removes dirt and debris that build up over time and helps keep the surface looking clean and vibrant. It also prevents mildew from taking hold, which can eat away at the paint’s protective coating and cause fading or chipping.
  1. Trim Trees and Bushes Regularly – Overhanging branches from trees or shrubbery can scrape against the side of your house or even drop leaves or other debris onto it during windy days. This creates an abrasive surface that will wear down your paint over time, so trim these back regularly to ensure they don’t come into contact with the walls of your home.
  1. Seal Cracks Immediately – If you notice any cracks in the walls of your home—even small ones—fill them immediately with caulk or another sealant before they can get worse. This will prevent water seepage and keep dirt and debris out, which could lead to discoloration or chipping of the paint job if left unchecked for too long.
  1. Check for Leaks Regularly – Speaking of water seepage, check around window sills, pipes, door sills, and anywhere else where water could be leaking into your home periodically to ensure that it isn’t happening without you knowing about it. If left unchecked for too long, this could lead to mold growth behind walls, eventually eating away at the paint job itself if not addressed quickly enough.
  1. Invest in Quality Products – When the time comes to repaint your home (which should happen every five years or so), make sure you invest in quality products like primer and sealer that will provide extra protection against outside elements like rain and snow while also helping maintain color vibrancy over time.

6 Avoid Cheap Brushes/Rollers – Cheap brushes/rollers may seem like a good idea at first, but they tend to leave behind lint particles that stick onto wet paint jobs causing streaks or blotches when dry, which will eventually start peeling off due to exposure from natural elements like sunlight or rainwater over time.

Hire Professional Painters –

The average home value in Lafayette, Louisiana, is $216118. Lafayette’s home values have increased by 10.4% in the past year alone. This makes it all the more crucial to hire professional painting contractors in Lafayette, LA, from time to time to ensure that your home’s exterior paint job looks its best for as long as possible. Professional painters have the experience and skills to properly prep, paint, and protect your home’s exterior painting.


Hence, follow these tips mentioned above to get a freshly colored exterior throughout the year. The best solution is to hire a professional painting agency that provides experienced professional painters at an affordable cost who can save you time and money.

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