5 Door and Window Maintenance Tips

After spending tons of money on installing windows and doors in your home, the last thing you want to happen is for these products to be damaged. So, you need to take steps that can ensure that your doors and windows last for an extended period in good condition.

Given this, you need to invest in door and window maintenance. If you are ready to maintain your windows and doors, read the following 5 door and window maintenance tips.

1.     Clean them regularly

In general, doors and windows are exposed to dirt and dust from time to time. So, to keep them in good condition, you must clean them regularly. With regular cleaning, you will maintain the integrity of the products for a long period.

Normally, cleaning your windows and doors once a month is okay, However, for houses close to an ocean, lake, or other saltwater bodies, it is important to clean the doors and windows once every two weeks. But if you cannot keep up with cleaning these products yourself, don’t hesitate to hire cleaning professionals to help you.

2.     Fix any problem early

Most small problems with windows and doors often become worse over time. So, you need to be proactive by fixing any problem as early as possible. This does not only keep your doors and windows in great shape but will also reduce the cost of repairing them.

Notably, a cleaning professional can detect the problems as they clean your doors and windows. Once you have noticed any problem, don’t wait until things get out of your hands before fixing it.

3.     Use the right cleaning supplies

When it comes to cleaning windows and doors, you must use the right cleaning supplies. This is because abrasive or harsh cleaners can cause certain damage to your doors and windows, especially if they are made with vinyl or wood frames. You are advised to go for mild dish soap and warm water when cleaning your doors and windows. Additionally, you should use a microfiber cloth that will not cause any scratches on the doors and windows.

4.     Lubricate the moving parts regularly

The moving parts of your doors and windows play an important role in their proper functioning. Unfortunately, these hardware components can become difficult to use after some periods. So, to prevent any problem with the hardware components, you should lubricate them regularly. The components you should focus on include locks, handles, hinges, cranks, etc.

Also, you have to tighten any loose-fitting screws on these hardware components. Besides, if a screw is missing, don’t hesitate to replace it.

5.     Check the seals

The seals are important for holding weather-stripping hardware and other components together. Therefore, you need to pay attention to these seals to ascertain that they are working effectively. Check the seals to see if there are seams or holes in them. Holes in the seals can reduce the energy efficiency of your windows and doors; thus, leading to air seepage and drafts.

So, use caulk to reseal the joints. If caulking doesn’t help you, get a window and door expert to check the seals.

If you can follow these tips accordingly, you will be able to use your windows and doors for a long time.

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