5 simple upgrades to increase your condo’s value

You do not necessarily have to break the bank to upgrade your condo sometimes. There are simple upgrades that are impactful and will help increase the value of your condo. If you are looking for the perfect condo renovation to increase your condo’s curb appeal and value, read the 5 renovation ideas to boost the condo selling price below.

5 Renovation Ideas to Boost Condo Selling Price

Here are the simple condo upgrades that can help increase the selling price of a condo:

1. Paint

The power of paint on the walls of a building should never be underestimated. When searching for a simple condo renovation that will increase the selling price of your condo, hire a professional painting company to repaint your condo. Get rid of the worn-out and flaky paint on your condo such that white looks yellow. Painting is an affordable upgrade with an amazing return. Think about other colours than off-white.

2. A Welcoming Entrance

Another condo renovation you may want to consider is creating a fancy entrance. You can create a good first impression and make potential buyers feel welcome when they come for an inspection. Think about a keyless entry into the apartment using a biometric reader. Upgrade the entry with smart locks to boost the security of the condo. This will undoubtedly increase the value of the condo.

3. Surveillance Cameras

Everyone is concerned about their safety and needs to be assured that they will be protected in their homes. Installing surveillance cameras will upgrade the level of security of the condo and increase the condo’s value. Surveillance cameras that can be monitored remotely are the best to install. Take advantage of modern technology to increase the market value of your condo.

4. Kitchen Upgrade

Upgrading the kitchen to modern is another condo renovation you can rely on to increase your condo’s value. Do not get it wrong by turning your kitchen upside down. Be mindful of the cost implications if you wish to tear down the kitchen for a complete setup. Replace missing tiles. Install a granite countertop. Repaint the kitchen cabinet and replace the knobs with modern styles. Pull-out dish shelves are another installation that buyers will appreciate.

5. Bathroom Renovation

Most homebuyers’ decisions are influenced by the condition of the bathrooms in the listed houses. As a result, if you are thinking of listing your condo for sale, it will be best to spare some money for renovating your bathroom. You do not necessarily have to install a jacuzzi or install a fanciful bathtub. Repaint the non-tile area of the bathroom. Replace the mirror. Change the lighting to modern light fixtures and install a new rack. The curb appeal of the bathroom will be enhanced, as well as the condo’s value.


The above are 5 renovation ideas to boost the condo selling price. You can increase the chances of your condo on the market through the upgrade tips explained. Take a step today and transform your bathroom. For more information please visit – apartments for rent in San Francisco

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