Vintage leather sofa


There are many types of people in the world. One, who lives in the house and the other type, creates a house that everyone likes. But, creating a likeable house is not easy and making it a classic is something to work on. For that, you must have exclusive pieces of furniture such as a vintage leather sofa, decorative items on the wall such as famous paintings and continental rugs.

If you have a keen eye for cultural trends, you will create a traditional home for your living; with that, the very first noticeable thing in the house would be a sofa or a set of it. It has great importance, so let us determine what role a sofa plays in creating a traditional home.

Why is a sofa important?

The sofa is the most expensive piece of furniture in the whole house. It is used for guests to entertain and where you can sit, read books, the children can play and sleep, and even pets can jump and enjoy. It is also used as a place where you can eat something while enjoying a movie or simply watching a movie.

What is a traditional home?

The traditional designs are linked to the 18th and nineteenth-century living styles. That era was full of style, class and heavy decor. The timeless elegance is adorned with classic art pieces and antiques which portray a history of its own. If you have a vintage leather sofa at home, it must have a history of its own.

Iconic sofas or traditional homes:

Sometimes you buy a piece of furniture, and it changes the entire ambience of the house. You may have decorated it modern, but a continental or an Asian rug can change the atmosphere, and you shift towards the other trend. Similarly, a sofa is a piece of furniture that is a centre of attention, so buying an iconic sofa will swap the entire decoration style. Let’s have a look at five iconic sofas and see how they can practically transform your home into a traditional one.

  1. The chesterfield:

It would be astonishing to know someone out there who doesn’t know what a chesterfield is. It is the most dashing sofa which has a dignified class to it. It is made up of the finest leather found in the world and comes in various colours. This sofa was made under the guidance of the fourth earl of chesterfield Lord Philip Stanhope, hence the name chesterfield sofa.

The original style had tufted buttons, low back and rolled armrest, though there are various designs and colours available. Furthermore, if you have a vintage leather sofa in the same category, your home would automatically adopt an air of luxury.

  1. The English roll arm sofa:

It is another British design that has captured the style market rapidly. This classic sofa has a casual aura to it as the sleek design with a sloped profile brings charm wherever you keep it. It has a tight back, deep seat, wooden legs and short rolled arms. The seating cushions come in a single piece, so n matter which spot you choose to sit, you will feel the ultimate comfort. It is equivalent to the vintage leather sofa in terms of comfort.

  1. The serpentine sofa:

If you can judge by the name, then be sure that you have the most elegant sofa of all time. It is laced with curves at all sides and brings a new glamour to the traditional finesse. The sofa has a midsection as the backrest only, and the rest is curved and broad, then the middle spot. Furthermore, it is lovely if you use it as a love coach or keep it in your bedroom only.

  1. The camelback:

The name may seem odd to you, but the people who seek style and something different are sure to love this type of iconic sofa. This traditional design has a hump like a camel as the backrest, making it deep-seated and the most comfortable. The wooden frame makes it sturdy and strong, and the same is the feet. With that, the delicate velvet is sure to catch everyone’s eye in a glance.

  1. The cabriole:

The Victorian designs are always welcomed because it is laced with elegant curves, wooden designs and soft velvet cushions. So if you are a fan of Victorian style, then this sofa is best for you. You can also decorate the home with Victorian-era paintings, pottery and selective items to display. Moreover, you can have french windows and drapes to match the listing style with the sofa as it is irreplaceable.


If you ask interior designers about converting your home into a traditional one, they are sure to select an era from the list given here. You can keep a bold British or convert it into a modern French to have one of the vintage leather sofas to have a spotlight in your home. Furthermore, compliment these iconic sofas with a coffee table and chairs if you have ample room in the house. With that, play around with vibrant colours, geometric designs and have roomy hallways and formal foyers. Your entire family will enjoy it at the end of the day, and that is what matters.

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