Tips To Decorate Your Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash covers the entire countertop as a means of protection for the walls from food spatters, grease, and moisture. Having a backsplash in place can help keep your kitchen clean by preventing stains.

Common Kitchen Backsplash Finishes 

  • A tile backsplash can help infuse an eye-catching style into your kitchen aesthetics. The small scale of this type makes it perfect for undertaking DIY projects. You can select tile backsplash amongst an array of materials, patterns, and color options for matching your taste.
  • A glass backsplash is an attractive, economical, and low-maintenance option which is increasingly being opted for by several homeowners. Here you can choose between a frosted, opaque, or clear glass sheet over a decorative wallpaper. In a traditional kitchen, you can add a modern touch with a glass backsplash as it doesn’t disrupt the harmony between new and old elements. The finish is both neat and hygienic as you can easily wipe it clean from occasional splatters. Mirrored glass backsplash can bounce light around to make your kitchen look more spacious.
  • A painted backsplash can offer a budget-friendly yet dramatic makeover to your kitchen. However, it becomes imperative to choose premium grade primer and paint for the best and long-lasting results. You can choose from primers that are specially manufactured for moisture-prone and high-humidity rooms like the kitchen. The paint you opt for also needs to be cleanable so that you can maintain the hygiene quotient of your kitchen.
  • One of the easiest means of imparting a kitchen makeover is through peel and stick wallpapers which can completely revamp your backsplash look. The natural hue of copper makes it a top pick of homeowners as a backsplash wallpaper option as it looks extremely sophisticated when paired with white cabinetry. Herringbone wallpaper is a timeless pattern that can help create an intriguing look in your kitchen. You can choose between complicated designs or thin lines for adding a dash of sophistication to your kitchen.

Pros & Cons Of Kitchen Backsplash


  • Offers ample personalization opportunities and creative freedom as you get to choose amongst different materials like wood, ceramic, marble, etc.
  • Be it overflowing pots, liquid splashing, or baking disasters, kitchens are extremely vulnerable to getting messy. Such events can easily stain your kitchen wall if left uncovered. Over time, these walls get more prone to mildew and mold buildup. Backsplashes are extremely effective in guarding the walls against stains and moisture so that your kitchen keeps looking like new for longer.
  • Tile backsplashes are extremely slippery and sleek making the cleanup job an easy one. You can get it done easily using a sponge or damp cloth.
  • Other than being easy to clean, kitchen backsplashes can also be resistant to water on being sealed properly. This can keep pests at bay and also prevent the area behind your sink and stove from getting damaged.


  • Adhesive tends to wear down over time in the case of peel and stick wallpaper leading to wall damage.
  • Requires the wall to be completely flat which is uncommon in old houses.

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