Affordable Ways To Spruce Your Garden Design

Revamping your garden does not need to be a venture that costs you a large amount of money. In fact, there are a great number of ways to spruce up your garden that will not only allow your creative side to have some fun, but also keep your finances in check

Clean Slate

Before embarking on any kind of project, it is often wise to tidy up as much as possible. Working in an ordered space makes it easier to envisage the end product. Remove any rubble and mend any broken fences. Trim the lawn edges and weed the flowerbeds.


Take a look around you and consider everything that you see. A glass jar, perhaps; ideal for a terrarium, or old wooden crates that would make excellent planter boxes? The chances are highly likely that you can upcycle unused items into interesting garden pieces. Repurposing old bicycles has become a popular pastime among gardeners who use them as decorative items, or add potted plants to the spaces that usually hold the baskets.

Water Features

There is something about the sound of trickling water that induces a sense of calm. Water features add a great focal point to your garden and are often visited by birds and insects alike looking for a quick drink. With a variety of designs available to suit every size of garden and budget, be sure to consider adding one of these to your green space.


One of the quickest ways a garden can look untidy is by having tools lying around. Garden sheds make excellent storage rooms for implements and the lawnmower. Some property owners have invested in these wooden structures and converted them into multifunctional spaces.

Pollination Patches

The plight of the honeybee is big news all over the world. You can contribute to the longevity of the species by planting bee-friendly plants and shrubs in your garden. Common poppies, nasturtiums, and teasels are popular with pollinators. Foxgloves are also known to attract bees, but they are toxic, so best to consider an alternative.

Herbs for the Home

Another great way to save money and spruce up your garden at the same time is to plant herbs that you can use in your home. You can rotate the crops as the seasons change, enabling you to cook delicious fare with your homegrown herbs. Chives, basil, thyme, and rosemary are excellent choices to consider.


Create a focal point in your garden by painting a statement wall in your garden. A splash of colour can instantly lift a space. If painting a wall is not for you, you could revive your garden furniture by whitewashing it. While you’re at it, why not chalk paint an old board or mirror for your younger children to enjoy while playing outdoors.

From these tips, it is evident that sprucing up your garden on a budget certainly is possible. Enjoy your green project!

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