Looking for European Style Cabinet?

You will find many cabinet makers supplying Euro style cabinets all across America. European cabinetry market generally tries to promote personalization and paired with modular designs that can easily be added and also subtracted out of any space.

As we all know, kitchen is the heart of a home. It brings every day all the family members together. Therefore, same amount of dedication that you put into the ambiance of your living room or bedroom must be portrayed in the kitchen too.

Following are few characteristics that your European style kitchen cabinet must-have.

  • Durable materials for cabinet box

Usually cabinets use all-plywood and classic furniture board which are tested and certified so that you will be confident about your new cabinets for everyday use.

  • Fully-assembled cabinets

Cabinets are boxed and then shipped directly and are ready-to-install and assemble all the cabinets. They are so designed in such a way that homeowners or any contractor can easily assemble.

  • Long-lasting and quality cabinet frames

You can get stability with long-lasting and quality cabinet frames. Face frames will keep cabinet box square while shipping and installation. Usually, cabinet installers may charge more for installing frameless cabinets, as it can be more time-consuming.

  • Quality cabinet boxes

Integrated brace construction will create quality cabinet box and will increase stability while shipping and installing and offers long-term cabinet strength

  • Easy-to-clean interiors

All the interior surfaces of kitchen cabinet must be non-porous as well as easy-to-clean, but also tough enough so that it can last longer without staining, wearing and bubbling.

  • Durable and full-height back panel

Quality kitchen cabinets can be durable and full back panel will allow the cabinet to directly attach to the wall studs easily at any point over the cabinet back.

  • Dovetail type drawer box construction

The bottom of drawer must be able to support all the weight of drawer contents. Therefore, it is chosen to use any solid hardwood sides along with fully captured bottom.

  • Soft-close door hinges

Cabinets usually have soft-close door-hinges that have been properly tested for withstanding 65 pounds weight and operated with 25,000 open close cycles to ensure soft close.

  • Soft-close drawer glides

They too are tested by operating through 25,000 times open close cycles repeatedly to ensure soft closing.

  • Toe-kick

Toe-kick area is called the space where cabinet will meet the floor. It will provide space for feet when you are standing near the counter. Toe-kick must be fully captured and enclosed with dado joints, nails and glue.

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