Five Important Things to Consider when Designing your Kitchen

Most homeowners will start their kitchen project by considering the appliances or color scheme. But, professional designers will want you to focus on the kitchen layout first. The kitchen is a functional space and your experience here will be impacted by how easily you can move around when cooking or cleaning.

A kitchen that is professionally designed reduces the need to stop and reach as well as improves your ability to use the space as a multifunctional area.

In terms of professional kitchen design, the following are some of the most important things to consider:

Floor Plan

Any kitchen project should start with a floor plan. This will let you plan the kitchen layout and design before you hire a contractor. A professional designer can draw a floor plan of your kitchen.

Work Triangle

A great kitchen layout will let you move easily between the stove, fridge, and sink while cooking. Also, it must offer enough space to make it comfortable for you to cook with someone else. This can be achieved by creating a work triangle between the stove, refrigerator, and sink. If possible, redirect traffic outside of the triangle


Kitchens used to be solely utilitarian. However, modern kitchens are designed to be flexible and suitable for entertainment, cooking, and relaxing. Expert designers will keep this mind and create an open and inviting design to facilitate entertaining and cooking simultaneously. They will usually suggest including a kitchen island with seating.


The cupboard space is one of the major details that provide a kitchen design with a professional touch. The cardboard layout must be organized based on how you use the space. Commonly used items must be placed near to each other. Installing a bespoke kitchen cupboard system will let you maximize the use of your available cupboard space.


You will want to design your kitchen around appliances instead of finding appliances to match specific requirements. Remember that appliances need working space around them. Also, refrigerators need landing space. Ensure there is space to put items down if you take them out of the refrigerator. An island can be the perfect landing space in your kitchen. Also, keep appliances in mind when building cabinets. If you want a modern look, consider making your appliances looking built-in. This can be done by adding side gables and ensuring the cabinet above is 24 inches deep or more.

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